About God


So who is this God?


Consider this. There's a special person who you've heard much about. You later discover that this person is very interested in meeting you. You initiate conversation and you begin to speak quite often with this person. You speak to each other in the morning, for lunch in between travel and before you go to bed. Over time because of your steady communication you and this person develop a relationship, a unity or bond if you will. Before you know it you and this person have begun to learn everything there is to know about each other. Now imagine this significant person one day reveals to you that they've written personal novels about the ends and outs of their life. How they think, what they like and dislike and what they value in people and that these written novels are actually best sellers all over the world. Then that person reveals to you that they're actually much older than you thought, and happen to personally know your Mother and Father. He/She later reveals to you that they've actually known you since birth and have been patiently awaiting the day at which you would finally meet. What would you say?


As time goes on and your relationship grows you begin to share secrets with one another. This person is very candid and reveals to you all they have done, seen and experienced. Though you can appreciate their candor, there are a few secrets that you just cannot bear for anyone to you. Things that are not really a big deal in terms of crime but you would prefer if no one else knew about. One night you both begin to share secrets but those few secrets that no one else knows about, you keep hidden. As times goes on you begin to feel guilty that there are a few secrets that you have not shared or confessed to your confidant but you decide to remain comfortable and keep them in the dark. Time goes on and you begin to forget about your hidden secrets and focus more on building your relationship with this other person.


One day while talking to your beloved friend, they reveal to you that they've loved you since you were born and in fact has loved you even more than your own parents have ever loved you. What the *&$/@ How could this be? No one can love me more than mom you think. Though you receive is as a token of expressed love and move on. As time goes on and your relationship grows stronger you begin to realize that you cannot live without this person and furthermore this person cannot live without you. Then one day, this person that you deeply care about and love who also loves you more than life itself, just relocates to another country. You heart breaks! Though he/she decides to write you frequently and better yet has also decided to send their son to be with you. Lucky for you this Son, is the exact replica of this person you love. As time goes on you begin to see everything that the Father/Mother possessed in the Son. You then begin to realize that the Son is indeed the Father. But how can this be, how can two people exist separately yet be the exact same? You then begin to spend time pondering this but come to no conclusion. So you embrace the Son for who is and what he represents and you continue to build your relationship with the Father/Mother through the Son.


Then one day something unbelievable happens. It seems that out of nowhere this Son has been accused of doing something horrific, something detestable to society and he potentially lied about his involvement and refuted his innocence. Though in your heart you know that there is no way the Son could be guilty of such an offense. Society disagrees and you discover that Son has been accused and later found guilty of offenses you are positive they did not commit. Painstakingly, the offenses the Son has been accused of are punishable by torture and death! You find yourself confused and afraid, not knowing what direction your life will go in. How could the one person that you loved more than yourself who also loved you more than life itself endure such a penalty? A person who you know is full of truth, life, love, joy and peace, how could this be? Though being out of your control, you find out that this beloved person has been taken in custody for the offenses they are accused of. The world watches as the news media catches on to the story of the millennium, " An innocent man, perfect in every way, accused, tried and scheduled to die!" latest on world news, March 19, 2006


While in custody, a news camera man catches footage of a terrible beating taking place on live television. You run to your television in dismay, only to find out that a group of inmates, disgusted with the offenses this person has been accused of, deliver a severe beating. You watch in horror as, kicks to face, and punch after punch after punch, knocking loose teeth, spewing blood across the floor. Scream after scream, whales so loud that the camera man has to turn the camera away. Tears fill your eyes as you watch the one person who every loved you unconditionally, is repeatedly beaten. By the time a guard arrives, an inmate leaps from the shadows and stabs your beloved person in the side and laughs with disgustable humor. By this time more guards arrive and are able to drag their lifeless body down to an execution room, where they are scheduled to executed two years later on March 20, 2008, three days before Easter. You turn off the television because you cannot bear to see much more. Your stomach turns and you begin to fill nauseous. How can something like this happen? This is a civilized society we live in.


This is not right, where is the justice you cry out? Then you think how said this is but good thing it's not happening to you and you wonder how long it will take for you to find someone else to meet your lonely void. So then you begin to search the internet, you sign up in chat rooms for singles but later discover no one really understands you. You then begin going to bars and sometimes clubs seeking that comfort that you once held but again you find that it also has led to a dead end. You become depressed and begin drinking alcohol. It began occasionally but now has become an everyday activity. What the heck, you think who really cares anyway. As time goes on you begin to try marijuana, then a little cocaine, then speed and before you know it, you've even flirted with meth! You find yourself at rock bottom. Your boss emails you a memo, informing you that you are going to be laid off not because of your behavior but because of corporate downsizing. You find yourself unable to afford your mortgage and struggle to negotiate with the bank to keep your home but the bank does not budge. You think what else can happen, nothing possibly can get worse than this? You think this day; this day of March 20, 2008 is the worst day of my life!


Then one day something inside speaks and prompts you to turn on the television. When you do you find out there a live news broadcast is occurring. It's the live broadcast of the execution of as the news media described, "An innocent man." you thought. Your knees begin to tremble and your hands become sweaty, what is this you think, who is this, what’s happening? Then you remember that long lost friend who loved you so much but was abruptly taken from you, accused of a crime they did not commit. Your heat begins to beat, beat and beat even faster as your eyes lock onto the television. Then the news anchor states, "live from the Penalty State Prison, post coverage of the execution of the Innocent man." Your heart leaps inside of your body as your remember your loved one and then you think, wait "post" coverage.


My God, they executed him. ‘No NO NOO, you scream they killed an innocent man!’ How could this happen, how could society be so cruel and judgmental! You fall to the floor in horror with tears in your eyes. Then you hear a knock at the door. Who could this be you wonder? You open the door and waiting is the mailwoman. She hands you a letter addressed to you from to your surprise the Son of the beloved person who loved you but was brutally executed for a crime they did not commit. What is this, you think? So you rush and open the letter.


The letter is written with as it seems a very old fashion pen. The letter reads: 'I know you are wondering why I am writing to you and I know you have many questions. I want you to know that I am sorry! I am sorry I had to leave you. My Father loves you so much and counted on me staying with you for a very long time. Though as you know circumstances did not permit this. I have been accused of crimes I did not commit and have been scheduled to be executed because I would not confess to them and ask for the judge’s mercy. I love you very much and I always have but I think you should know that the very crimes I have been beaten of and will later be killed over, are because of the hidden things you've committed before, during and after I was with you. Forgive me but there was no other way. See you did not realize it but the laws have changed and those who either committed these acts or accompanied those whom committed these acts, who did not confess to them, would be severely punished to the point of death.'

As you read further you heart begins to melt and your face begins to loose its shape and you realize that an innocent man was accused, severely beaten and finally murdered because of his willingness to protect you! How could this be? The letter reads on: 'I do not want you to be upset at society for killing an innocent man. As a matter of fact I want you to forgive them for at the time they did not realize what they were doing. Though do not be afraid because I have decided to return to my Father and join him. I want you to know that what I did, I did because I love you. I love you more than life and one day I will love you enough to the point of death only to protect your life from yourself. Now that I am leaving I want you to know that just as my Father has sent me, I am also sending someone else to help you. They're very close to my Father and I, you could even say we're one. I believe that just as my Father was there for you and I was there for you so will they also be there for you. Listen to what they have to say, for every word they speak will come from me. I want you to know that there is no height, no depth nor anything created that will ever separate you from my love. I will love you always to the ends of time. If you need me, lift your eyes to the heavens, look deep within, call upon me, say my name and I will be there! Love always... .. .'


As tears begin to fill your eyes you turn the envelope of the letter over and something strikes you with amazement. The postmark of the letter reads March 20 but the year is, wait this can’t be, the year is postmarked .. …, years before you were even born!







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