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Torron Shakir

In January 2007, during PE, I was playing basketball with some friends and the ball had hit me in the corner of my mouth. Later that evening, I discovered a small lump right at.... read more

joseph wilson

I want to start off by saying, everyone has been through something in life that was bad, some people have been through horrible situations, but now I know that God has always been.... read more

Gale Titus

My Testimony (continued Part 3) That was a little over two years ago. All in all it's been six years since I was diagnosed with Cancer. I am still here and I am still fighting. .... read more

Gale Titus

My Testimony (continued part 2) Eventually after my chemo and surgery I found a cute little apt. near them. I collected Social Security disability so I was able to make ends mee.... read more

Gale Titus

I became a Christian back in the year 2000. But in 2004 I went to the doctor because I was bleeding and well past menopause so I knew something was wrong. As I suspected, it was.... read more

Anna  Morgan

TEST RESULT FOR A MAMMOGRAM ! I would like to encourage all women who the doctor has said they need more testing with there Mammograms. I just went through a lot of testing and no.... read more


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Anonymous  - Trusting through the wilderness
brianna bush
Robin  - Teach your children about God early on.
Jason Daniels
Jason  - Prayer can mend a broken family.
Dale Gibson
Dale  - Scarifice is the true meaning of love.

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