Saints, thank you for sharing your experiences. We all go through different seasons of life at different times. What has resulted in a victory for you today may have very well seemed like a defeat for someone else yesterday. That is why we must be sensitive in what we say yet confident of its impact. Remember there is power and effect in words. You may very well be saving a life!


They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)



Jermaine Morgan

Date Posted: 2009-04-22

Believer: Yes

Location: Houston, Texas

Failing to achieving, that’s my story. I've failed so many times, I believe I now have mastered its effects. Here's my story. I was 25 years old facing eviction from my apartment with an exhausted savings. I was living with a family member for the last four years following college and fell behind on the rent. Before I knew, all my savings and retirement was wiped out! Not on partying or expensive clothes but just on getting by. I was at my wit’s end. My Dad told me to consider getting a Master's degree as the economy seemed to be turning south. Well I did and to get into graduate school you have to take and score well on either the GRE or the GMAT. I took the GMAT. Now the GMAT is the entrance exam into an accredited business school in order to attain an MBA. The highest you could score was 800 and the lowest was a 200 just for writing your name clearly. I studied for 1year straight, for every evening after work. I attended every Free GMAT tutoring program I could find throughout New York City. On test day, I focused my mind and energy for the grueling 4 hour exam. Afterward I attained my score and was devastated to find out it was a 400! Fifty percentile. I felt horrible, and aside from possibly being evicted this was just icing on the cake. I decided to study more and retake the exam. To my gutrenching surprise I scored a 410. I thought, how could this be I studied so much and practiced taking exams? This had to be a computer error no? Nope, it was the correct score. Well I didn't give up. I got a friend to privately tutor me for about 7 months. I took the GMAT, the exam many told me was harder than the Bar exam again and this time I scored a whopping 420. What? Yes, that’s correct. I scored just fractionally higher than before. I decided to take the exam again. Now keep in mind you can only take it 5 times in 5 years and this time would be number 4 in a year and a half. Well I took the exam again and this time scored a 390. *%*&$__ is how I felt if you can imagine. Now I had officially taken the GMAT four times out of the five permitted in a five year period and I did in a year in a half with a below average score. All my hope and dreams seem to fade away before my very eyes. My future, well I didn’t have a future because I could not see how I was going to make it through tomorrow. My Landlord was upset and was threatening to evict me. As far as I was concerned all was hopeless for my life. After I took the GMAT exam for the fourth time I returned home fell to the floor as tears rolled down my face. I was a failure. I had no future I thought. I took the printout copy of the exam and in a rage I tore it in half and threw it to the floor. But then something happened or someone happened I should say. God showed up! God spoke to me in a small inner voice and said “Jermaine look at your past, don’t you remember what I did for you before?” I said, ‘what do you mean God?’ God said, “remember, I opened the door for you to get into college, not just any college but a highly acclaimed private university, surely I can handle this.” I said, ‘Lord you’re right.’ God said, “pick up the exam report and let it serve as a sign of what I can do!” I did as the Lord asked and picked up the exam report and taped it back together. I hung the report on my bedroom wall and wrote on the bottom of the report, ‘watch what God will do.’ Two weeks later after receiving denial after denial letter from Graduate programs across the country, I received an email from a highly accredited university. The email read, “Jermaine, congratulations, your application into our MBA program was accepted!” I could not believe it. I was on my way. I had a future again. All was not lost, I could dream again. Not too mention, just after my acceptance letter my Landlord decided to work with me, allowing me to stay long enough before enrolling in graduate school and moving out. What about the pass rent you ask, well let’s just say God found a way to handle that also. Just that fast, God turned my life around for the better. I know have a MBA for a top business school and have started a career and an IT. Business Project Manager. I went from failing to achieving and God, well let’s just say he did what he promised me he would do. Now if he did it for me, I’m certain he will do it for you! Jermaine Morgan BS IT. Management MBA Operations Management



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