Saints, thank you for sharing your experiences. We all go through different seasons of life at different times. What has resulted in a victory for you today may have very well seemed like a defeat for someone else yesterday. That is why we must be sensitive in what we say yet confident of its impact. Remember there is power and effect in words. You may very well be saving a life!


They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)



Bob Williamson

Date Posted: 2009-04-21

Believer: Yes

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I was homeless and did not have a single penny to my name. I was addicted to drugs and had been released from Prison in New Orleans. I had several acquaintances that had died from overdoses, one dropped dead before my very eyes, and I had in fact myself overdosed on two occasions and very nearly died. I decided that I would straighten up this time, or I was going to commit suicide like some acquaintances of mine had recently done and put an end to my miserable existence once and for all. It took many years to conquer my personal problems with drugs, my temper, drinking alcohol, fighting, mental anguish and inner demons, depression, etc. and I’m still working on things like profanity, and temptation, but a miracle has indeed occurred in my life, and His name is Jesus Christ. I’m still a sinner, but I am forgiven and I know that God almighty Himself loved me enough to send His beloved Son Jesus Christ in order that a reprobate like me might have a second chance to one day be reunited with Him in heaven and I praise His holy name for so doing. His name is Jesus Christ and He miraculously saved me and He stands at the door of your heart and knocks and wants to save you as well. Though today, "through God's help I have been happily married for thirty seven years and three wonderful sons. God helped me find a career and then led me on to start businesses of my own. Today, I am CEO of Horizon Software International LLC. I am a millionaire many times over. I am living proof of just one of God’s miracles. There are innumerable miracles just like mine recorded in the Bible and throughout the world today. We can all rest assured that God is alive and well and continuously working miracles in people’s lives in every corner of the world every single day. Most importantly He cares deeply even for a wretch like me and of course you. My advice: Only believe! All things are possible if you only believe! Bob Williamson



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